Our purpose is to help put people on a path to a better everyday life.

We use it to guide what we do and how we do it, and it helps us to be a little bit better every day. It’s bigger than the products we offer, bigger than our next big idea; it defines why we exist.

The PFG purpose is multi-faceted. It looks towards the future but is firmly rooted in our past.

Back in 1880, our founder, JK Waddilove started to provide his factory workers in Bradford, with essentials, when others wouldn’t, like coal and clothing. While times have changed, society has moved on, our market has evolved, and our customers’ needs are different. Our long-established desire to help put people on a path to a better everyday life is still a big part of who we are today.

PFG continues to champion and aid financial inclusion and social mobility in today’s society. A big part of our purpose is reflected in our ambitious plans and targets around Environmental, Social, and Governance

Our purpose is not just a stand-alone statement. Inside PFG it’s underpinned by a set of drivers and behaviours, which we use consistently across the Group. They help us measure performance, make decisions and guide us to get the best possible outcomes for our customers.

We call this, our “Blueprint”.

The Blueprint helps us: 

  • Balance our customer products and services in terms of responsibility and sustainability
  • Create a rewarding workplace for colleagues
  • Generate suitable, sustainable returns for shareholders who give us the investment we need to support our customers


Our Blueprint explained

Provident Financial plc’s purpose is to help put people on a path to a better everyday life. This is our reason for being. It unifies us and is something that we can get behind both practically and emotionally.

What our purpose means:

Help - our purpose and our role in helping customers achieve financial inclusion.
People - references the humanity, intrinsic to the way we do business.
On a path - progression, growth and moving them forward in their lives. It’s a journey.
Better everyday life - our business is not in the big life-changing moments; we  help  people in their everyday  spending.

Our Strategic Drivers are designed to focus our thinking, our direction and our investments to help us achieve competitive advantage. They are:

Customer Progression – We will build products, services and partnerships that change the game for our customers.
Human Experiences – We will build enduring relationships by delivering experiences that seamlessly integrate the latest technology with our brilliant people. You can read more about how we build relationships in Corporate Responsibility.
Head and Heart Decisions – We will deliver for our stakeholders by balancing: (i) data and insight; (ii) financial return and doing the right thing; and (iii) customer need and customer want, in order to build a long-term, sustainable business.
Fighting Fit – We will continuously challenge our cost base, efficiency and effectiveness, and change our capability to ensure we remain the most competitive player in the market.

Our Behaviours outline how we do what we do. We always keep the customer in mind. We innovate to make improvements for customers, colleagues and stakeholders. We hold ourselves accountable for our costs and our actions. Our Behaviours are: 

Be Hungry for Better – This is seeking out opportunities for constant improvement, as well as having conversations that will help us move the dial, even when it’s tough.
Put the Customer on the Team – This is making every decision with our customer in mind, as well as owning the trade-off between commercial and customer impact.
Act like it’s Yours – This is using resources with the same respect and consideration you would your own, as well as doing your bit to step-change our performance and maximise value.