Supporting local projects

We recognise that we have a duty to invest in the communities where non-standard credit consumers live and address the issues that are relevant to their particular needs.

Such issues include: unemployment or under-employment; low, uncertain or fluctuating incomes; low educational attainment; and physical or mental health issues. Our community investment strategy is to invest in community activities that seek to alleviate these underlying problems.

Through the group’s companies and brands, we identify and support local projects which address the most relevant social inclusion issues in the communities in which we operate. We also deliver programmes of activities through accredited community intermediaries, such as Community Foundations. Our aim is to not only provide financial help but to get our staff involved in the projects too. This helps motivate and develop our staff and leverages the financial support we give so that even more is achieved.

As at the end of 2016, the number of projects/partnerships supported through our community programmes on a longer-term basis stood at 53. We also distributed grants to a further 29 organisations through accredited Community Foundations in Bradford, Kent and London.