Measuring our impact

We are keen to measure the benefits of the group’s community involvement contributions in order to assess whether we have met the objectives of our community involvement strategies.


total community investment made in 2016


people benefited directly from the support provided by projects we funded


people developed new skills


total number of hours volunteered

Community impact in 2016

  • Amount of money invested in support of community programmes, money advice programmes and social research: £3.1m (2015: £3.1m).
  • Number of people who directly benefited from the support provided by the projects funded through our community investment programmes: 64,021 (2015: 42,938).
  • Number of people supported to develop new skills or improve their personal effectiveness as a result of their involvement in our community investment programmes: 13,731, (2015: 18,872).
  • Number of people who have experienced a direct positive impact on their quality of life as a result of their involvement in our community investment programmes: 12,829 (2015: not fully measured).
  • Total number of hours volunteered by employees in community involvement activities: 3,632 (2015: 2,255).
  • Number of projects/partnerships supported through our community programmes on a longer-term basis 53.
  • The total number of grants distributed to organisations through accredited community intermediaries such as Community Foundations: 29.

London Benchmarking Group

PFG is an active member of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) which we use to quantify our contribution to the community on an annual basis. The LBG framework helps businesses to improve the management, measurement and reporting of their corporate community involvement programmes. It moves beyond charitable donations to include the full range of contributions (in time, in kind and in cash) made to community causes, and assesses the actual results for the community and for the business. Visit for further information.