Supporting our communities

The company’s primary social benefit is a direct one, in making available financial products and services that meet the particular needs of the people that are not well served, or are excluded altogether, by mainstream credit providers. 

However, we also recognise that we have a duty to be a good corporate citizen and invest in programmes that support the needs of non-standard credit market customers and those living in local communities. As such, we have committed to investing a minimum of 1% of profit before tax (as measured under the London Benchmarking Group’s guidelines) in such programmes.

In order to create sustainable economic conditions, we recognise that there are a number of challenges that we can play an active role in addressing. These include social inclusion issues such as unemployment and low levels of educational attainment, particularly, but not exclusively, in relation to children and young people. It is also about supporting the provision of money advice and financial education, and carrying out research into the issues that matter to our customers.