Provident Financial Group’s social purpose is financial inclusion for those who are not well served by mainstream credit products or who would otherwise be excluded from credit altogether.

Key aspects of this relationship include issues such as carefully checking affordability, lending appropriate amounts, close on-going contact with our customers, and understanding and forbearance if customers experience difficulties.

But there is a Bigger Picture that extends far more widely than our primary responsibility of supplying credit to customers. This Bigger Picture encompasses all the other areas where our business touches the wider society in which we operate and, indeed, the wider world. Such areas include:

  • The governance, oversight and management of our business
  • How we treat our staff
  • How we treat our suppliers
  • How we impact the local communities in which we operate
  • How we get involved in wider society
  • How we treat the environment
  • How we work with the tax authorities
  • How we comply with our regulators

In dealing with these Bigger Picture issues as attentively as we deal with our primary lending responsibilities, we hope to contribute to creating a more sustainable society for all.

The case studies to the right address how we engage with these Bigger Picture issues in a little more detail.