Our core business

Provident Financial plc is the leading non-standard lender in the UK. We currently have 3,712 employees and serve 2.4 million customers in the UK and Ireland.

The focus of our business is to serve the c 10-12m consumers that make up the non-standard credit market in the UK and Ireland. This market is made up of people who, for a variety of reasons, from relatively low incomes to poor credit histories, are not well served by the mainstream credit market’s products and services.

Through the extensive experience we have developed in the 137 years we have been serving the non-standard credit market, we have gained a precise understanding of what our customers are looking for in financial products:

  • Smaller sums – typically less than a mainstream provider would lend.
  • High levels of contact with their lender – our customers like someone to talk to about their loan.
  • Understanding – our customers usually have little leeway in their income, so, if they experience problems during the term of their loan, they want to talk to someone who understands their situation and can offer a solution. With some of our products this can even mean the ability to reschedule repayments at no extra cost to the customer whatsoever.

Our products are tailor-made to meet these needs – a sensible amount of credit, provided in a transparent, responsible, sustainable way. All the businesses within the Provident Financial Group specialise in offering simple, transparent and suitable products which are delivered via a service that suits closely the needs of customers in the non-standard credit market.