Material CR issues

To help ensure that we manage and report on the CR issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders, we undertook an exercise during 2015 to identify and prioritise our material CR issues.

This was performed to inform our social purpose and CR strategy, and to ensure that future CR reports comply with the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 reporting guidelines.

We engaged Corporate Citizenship, an independent sustainability management consultancy, to reassess the materiality of our CR issues. This involved desk-based research to identify and prioritise current and future CR issues, roundtable discussions with external stakeholders and stakeholder interviews, to assess the importance of each issue. Finally, we engaged with internal stakeholders to identify the CR issues most important from their point of view.

The issues that were identified as a result of the materiality assessment exercise have been plotted on the materiality matrix below.

We will repeat the exercise in 2017 to ensure that the group is continuing to manage and report on the CR issues that are material to our businesses and stakeholders.

Materiality matrix