The CR strategy balanced scorecard

Our CR strategy is supported by a scorecard which comprises a range of qualitative and quantitative metrics which we use to monitor and report our progress in delivering against the CR strategy.

CR strategy commitment

Key metric

Operate our core business of lending to our customers in a responsible and sustainable manner
Be transparent in how we do business
  • Information on products (e.g. APRs), the role played by Customer Experience Managers, tax and governance
Treat our customers responsibly throughout their journey with us
  • Percentage of customers surveyed who are satisfied with the service with which they have been provided*
  • Total number and nature of complaints    
  • Total number and nature of complaints referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service and the proportion which are upheld in favour of customers
  • Impairment as a percentage of revenue
  • Total number of accounts handled by debt collection agencies per annum
  • Total customer-focussed training hours undertaken by employees and Customer Experience Managers
Act responsibly in all our other stakeholder relationships
Create a working environment that is safe, inclusive and meritocratic  
  • Percentage of workforce from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups
  • Percentage of women in senior management roles
  • Learning and development hours per employee per annum
  • Average number of days lost to absence per employee per annum  
  • Number of calls made to the group-wide whistleblowing hotline per annum
Treat our suppliers fairly
  • Compliance with the Prompt Payment Code
Support our communities
  • Amount of money invested in support of community programmes, money advice and social research*
  • Number of people who directly benefit from the support provided by the projects funded through our community involvement programmes   
  • Number of people supported to develop new skills or improve their personal effectiveness as a result of their involvement in our community involvement programmes  
  • Number of people who have accessed new services and activities delivered through our community involvement programmes**
  • Total number of hours volunteered by employees in community involvement activities
  • Number of projects/partnerships we supported on a longer-term basis.**
Engage with the investment community on sustainability matters
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices/FTSE4Good scores, presence within Euronext Vigeo and Forum ETHIBEL indices, and information on investor engagement activities
Minimise the environmental impacts of our business
  • Total greenhouse gas emissions (reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and increase the reporting of Scope 3 emissions)
  • Total energy use (MWh)    
  • Total waste arising from our activities (tonnes)


*   Two of the metrics from this scorecard – customer satisfaction and charitable contributions –
     are reported in the ‘Our strategy and performance’ section of our Annual Report and Financial Statements
** New or different metric for 2016