Greenhouse gas emissions

We are required to disclose the annual amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from activities for which we are directly responsible, including combustion of fuel or operation of any facility, and for which we are indirectly responsible, such as the electricity and heat we purchase.

During 2016, our business-related journeys accounted for 4,387 metric tonnes of CO2e. These emissions were offset through the purchase of Gold Standard carbon credits in the Samsun landfill gas project which is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This project captures landfill gas and turns it into power. The project reduces greenhouse gases by displacing fossil fuels such as coal normally used to produce electricity and capturing methane that would have been released from the decay of waste disposed in a landfill site.

We report on our carbon emissions and how we manage them not only in our annual CR report, but also to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). 

Details of our CDP submissions can be found at:

*Our emissions are reported in accordance with the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas (‘GHG’) Protocol. We use an operational control consolidation approach to account for our GHG emissions and use emission conversion factors from Defra/DECC’s GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting 2013. Our GHG emissions are calculated using energy use data accessed via meters and energy suppliers, and from records of fuel use.