Carbon off-setting

While we aspire to keep levels of business travel to a minimum, it is an important part of how our businesses operate.

That said, we recognise that the emissions that result from our business travel activities can be environmentally damaging. This is why we measure and monitor the business journeys our staff make by plane, train and in cars, and also the fuel used in our fleet of company cars, in order to calculate the GHG emissions associated with the group’s business travel activities. We then offset these GHG emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.

During 2016, our business-related journeys accounted for 4,387  metric tonnes of CO2e. These emissions were offset through the purchase of Gold Standard carbon credits in the Samsun landfill gas project which is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This project captures landfill gas and turns it into power. The project reduces greenhouse gases by displacing fossil fuels such as coal normally used to produce electricity and capturing methane that would have been released from the decay of waste disposed in a landfill site.