Carbon off-setting

While we work to minimise our carbon emissions, we cannot eradicate them altogether.

Having offset the GHG emissions associated with our business travel for over five years, in 2016, we decided to expand this to cover our total operational footprint. During 2016, our operational carbon footprint was 8,435* tonnes CO2e. We offset this total footprint through carbon credits, which were certified to both the Verified Carbon Standard and SOCIALCARBON standard, in an 18-megawatt hour hydroelectricity project in the Antalya Province of Turkey. Without this project, the same electricity would have been generated using fossil fuels. The project also provides a range of benefits for the local community including the irrigation of 82,000 hectares of downstream land.

*We offset 8,430 tonnes CO2e as this was our original calculation. Following our annual assurance process our operational carbon footprint was revised to 8,435 tonnes CO2e. We will offset the outstanding 5 tonnes CO2e next year.