CR governance

Good corporate governance is an integral part of our CR programme. It ensures that CR continues to be integrated into the strategic decision-making of the business which, in turn, enables us to be committed and organised to understand and respond to the short and long-term CR issues that are material to our businesses, manage our key risks, and respond to the needs and concerns of our stakeholders.

Our corporate governance structure ensures we run our operations in a sustainable way across all our relationships – whether internal or external, commercial or charitable.

Overall responsibility for our CR programme rests with the executive chairman. CR and community affairs issues are regularly considered by the board; a corporate affairs activity report, which includes updates on our CR and community involvement activities, is presented at each board meeting. The group executive committee, which includes the executive directors and senior management, and is chaired by the executive chairman, reviews and approves the CR programme and budget.

Ongoing management of the CR programme is undertaken by Provident Financial’s CR manager, community affairs manager and community affairs executive, who are supported by a number of working groups made up of representatives from our subsidiary businesses.

These governance structures are underpinned by a range of corporate and division-specific policies which set out the codes of conduct, controls, processes and requirements of all employees and divisions within the Group, as well as at the corporate office.

The policies cover a wide range of issues that are of relevance to our CR programme, including treating customers fairly, environmental management, community involvement, procurement, health and safety, equality and diversity, CR reporting and audit, and whistleblowing.