A safe, inclusive workplace

The 3,712 people we employ across the Provident Financial Group are key to our ongoing success. They help meet the needs of our 2.5 million customers, and are invaluable drivers of new services and products. As such, our people are key stakeholders.

Provident Financial Group's workforce is made up predominantly of employees on permanent contracts (98%), with a small number of employees on temporary contacts (1%) and fixed-term contracts (1%). The workforce also operates mainly on a full-time basis (90%), with the remainder (10%) working in a part-time capacity.

Our continued success relies on having a talented workforce. To recruit and retain the best, it is essential we provide our staff with a safe and inclusive working environment that encourages everyone to reach their potential, and develops them to meet their personal goals. 

Through our people departments, we provide training and development to our employees and implement policies on issues such as diversity and health and safety. Our people departments are also integral in the implementation of our CR strategy across our businesses.