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A safe, inclusive workplace
The bigger picture / A safe, inclusive workplace

Advisors and brokers
Investors / IR contacts / Advisors and brokers

Auditors Deloitte LLP2 Hardman StreetManchesterM60 2AT Corporate and financial media Brunswick Group16 Lincoln’s Inn FieldsLondonWC2A Financial advisers and stockbrokers JP Morgan Cazenove25 Bank StreetCanary WharfLondonE14 Investor relations h2glenfern Limited Ground Floor,38 Seymour Street London W1H 7BP Tel:  +44 (0)207 160 0570 Registered office Provident Financial plcNo.

Investors / Shareholder centre / AGM

The 2018 PFG annual general meeting was held at 10am on 09 May 2018 at the head office of Provident Financial plc, No. 1 Godwin Street, Bradford, BD1 2SU.

AGM archives
Investors / Shareholder centre / AGM / AGM archives

AGM archives from 2005 to 2011

Annual Report 2017
Investors / Annual Report 2017

Annual reports
Investors / Results, reports and presentations / Annual reports

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Balance sheet
Investors / Consolidated financial statements / Balance sheet

Balance sheets As at 31 December   Notes Group Company 2016 £m 2015 £m 2016 £m 2015 £m ASSETS   262.9 218.2 262.9 218.2 Non-current assets           Goodwill 10 71.2 71.2 - - Other intangible assets 11 78.1 85.2 - - Property, plant and equipment 12 30.3 29.5 6.8 7.8 Investment in subsidiaries 13 - - 497.5 496.3 Financial assets:           – amounts receivable from customers 14 307.6 218.0 - - – trade and other receivables 18 - - 871.

Balanced scorecard
The bigger picture / Our approach / Balanced scorecard

Our CR strategy is supported by a scorecard which comprises a range of qualitative and quantitative metrics which we use to monitor and report our progress in delivering against the CR strategy.

Board committees
Investors / Corporate governance / Board committees

To assist the board in carrying out its functions and to ensure that there is independent oversight of internal controls and risk management, the board delegates certain responsibilities to five principal board committees. These are the remuneration committee, the audit committee, the nomination committee and the group risk committee and the disclosure committee. All committees have written terms of reference that define their duties, authorities and membership, and these are reviewed annually.

Board of directors
Meet PFG / Board of directors

Board of directors
Investors / Corporate governance / Board of directors

Board responsibilities
Investors / Corporate governance / Board responsibilities

The principal responsibility of the board is to promote the long-term success of the group in a manner consistent with its culture, values and standards and so create and deliver sustainable shareholder value. Governance framework

Business model
Investors / Investment case / Business model

Why PFG works The group is successful in lending to customers whom others find it difficult to serve because of the way we manage the customer relationship and the solid foundations that we have built for our business.

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Carbon off-setting
The bigger picture / Environmental impact / Carbon off-setting

While we work to minimise our carbon emissions, we cannot eradicate them altogether. Having offset the GHG emissions associated with our business travel for over five years, in 2016, we decided to expand this to cover our total operational footprint. During 2016, our operational carbon footprint was 8,435* tonnes CO2e. We offset this total footprint through carbon credits, which were certified to both the Verified Carbon Standard and SOCIALCARBON standard, in an 18-megawatt hour hydroelectricity project in the Antalya Province of Turkey.

Meet PFG / Careers

Case studies
The bigger picture / Case studies

Our case studies illustrate our commitment to each of the different aspects of our CR programme, from increasing customer satisfaction to reducing the contribution we make to climate change.

Company listing profile
Investors / Share price information / Company listing profile

Income statement
Investors / Consolidated financial statements / Income statement

Consolidated income statementFor the year ended 31 December   Notes Group 2016 £m 2015 £m Revenue 1,2 1,183.2 1,113.1 Finance costs 3 (81.7) (80.0) Operating costs   (445.9) (436.9) Administrative costs   (311.7) (322.6) Total costs   (839.3) (839.5) Profit before taxation 1,4 343.9 273.6 Profit before taxation, amortisation of acquisition intangibles and exceptional items 1,4 334.1 292.9 Amortisation of acquisition intangibles 11 (7.

Consumer credit
Our businesses / Consumer credit

Contact us
Site tools / Contact us

Registered address Provident Financial plcNo. 1 Godwin StreetBradfordBD1 2SUUnited Kingdom For general enquiries, please telephone 01274 351135 Download map and directions for Provident Financial PDF (372Kb) Investors Gary ThompsonGroup Financial Controller and Head of Investor Relationsinvestors@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351351 Phil ShepherdGroup TreasurerPhil.Shepherd@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351566 Media Jade ByrneCorporate Communications ManagerJade.

Corporate governance
Investors / Corporate governance

Provident Financial is committed to high standards of corporate governance and this section provides an overview of how the company has complied with the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code published by the Financial Reporting Council in September 2012. Further information is available in the Annual report, which includes the review of Key Governance Principles and the Directors’ Remuneration Report. The board The board comprises the Interim Executive Chairman, an executive director, five independent non-executive directors and the Company Secretary.

CR governance
The bigger picture / CR governance

Good corporate governance is an integral part of our CR programme. It ensures that CR continues to be integrated into the strategic decision-making of the business. This in turn, enables us to be committed and organised to understand and respond to the short and long-term CR issues that are material to our businesses, manage our key risks, and respond to the needs and concerns of our stakeholders. Overall responsibility for our CR programme rests with the Group Chief Executive Officer.

CR policies
The bigger picture / CR governance / CR policies

Provident Financial Group’s approach to CR is underpinned by a range of corporate policies which set the codes of conduct, controls, processes and requirements for all employees, Customer Experience Managers, suppliers and contractors, and the operating divisions within the group. These policies cover a wide range of issues that are relevant to our CR programme and focus on ensuring that we comply with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, and operate in a responsible and ethical manner, in line with our values and commitment to sound business practices.

CR report archive
The bigger picture / CR report archive

Each year we publish a CR report which sets out a full account of our social, environmental and economic performance.

CR reporting
The bigger picture / CR reporting

Provident Financial Group has published an annual CR report since 2004. Each report gives us the opportunity to reflect on our progress and update our stakeholders on the group’s performance across a range of social, ethical and environmental issues. All our previous CR reports are available here. Ensuring the integrity of our commentary and data is paramount in our reporting. As such, both are independently assured by Corporate Citizenship, an independent sustainability management consultancy.

Credit card
Our businesses / Credit card

Credit rating
Investors / Debt investors / Credit rating

Provident Financial has an issuer default rating of BBB- from Fitch Ratings with a negative outlook.

Customer service
Site tools / Customer service

Customers are at the heart of our business. We aim to provide a high standard of customer care and satisfaction and therefore take all complaints very seriously and will try to put things right. Vanquis Bank Tel: 0330 099 300103 numbers generally included in the ‘free standard rate minutes’ of landline and mobile packages. Or you can still call us on: Tel: 0871 770 3060From a landline it may be cheaper than 03 to call us – please check your phone package.

Customer testimonials
Meet PFG / Our customers / Customer testimonials

Our customers use our products and services for a range of reasons from dealing with unexpectedly high bills or for household repairs.

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Debt investors
Investors / Debt investors

Dividend payment history
Investors / Shareholder centre / Dividends / Dividend payment history

Provident Financial normally pays its interim dividend during November of the current financial year and its final dividend in the following June.

Investors / Shareholder centre / Dividends

A dividend is a payment made to shareholders by a company. Provident Financial normally pays its interim dividend during November of the current financial year and its final dividend in the following June. Our dividends When the company announces a proposed dividend, it also announces the record date and the ex-dividend date associated with the dividend. The dividend is paid to shareholders whose names are on the share register at the close of business on the record date.

Investors / Debt investors / Documents

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Engaging with investors
The bigger picture / CR reporting / Engaging with investors

Sharing CR information with our investors and other stakeholders is a significant part of our approach to CR. Responsible lending and customer satisfaction are vital to the organisations that invest in us; and issues such as climate change, our approach to cybersecurity and tax strategy are becoming more prominent. Every year, we provide information on environmental, social and governance performance and make submissions to a number of the mainstream sustainability indices and established SRI research and rating agencies.

Engaging with stakeholders
The bigger picture / Our approach / Engaging with stakeholders

We define our stakeholders as those individuals or groups that have an interest in, or are affected by, the activities of the Provident Financial Group. They are organised into the following groups: customers, communities, employees, suppliers, shareholders, investors and regulators. We engage with these groups regularly to ensure that we are aware of their views and concerns. We do this through surveys and focus groups, and by participating in consultation exercises.

Environmental impact
The bigger picture / Environmental impact

We remain committed to doing business in a way that minimises our environmental impact. Whether it is reducing our direct impacts through our office energy consumption, or our indirect impacts within our supply chains, we work to manage our day-to-day business operations as efficiently and responsibly as possible. By managing our environmental impacts, we can meet stakeholders’ expectations, meet legislation, and save our businesses money.

Environmental management
The bigger picture / Environmental impact / Environmental management

While we may not impact the environment to the same extent as businesses in other sectors, the day-to-day operations of our businesses do have environmental impacts which we need to manage. We are legally required to manage and report on some of our environmental impacts, particularly in relation to climate change. The environmental management system (EMS) we have in place across our business enables us to systematically manage our impacts on the environment by: Identifying and understanding the environmental impacts of our activities; Defining environmental responsibilities for staff; Measuring and monitoring our environmental management performance and setting targets; and Identifying opportunities to continually improve.

Executive committee
Investors / Corporate governance / Executive committee

The executive committee normally meets at least once a week, and more frequently as required, and supervises the boards of its principle operating divisions and manages the running of the group, other than those matters reserved to the board and those specifically assigned to the other four committees. There is a formal schedule of matters reserved to it for decision as included with the committee's Terms of Reference. Members: Chairman Malcolm Le May  Group Chief Executive Officer Deputy Chairman Andrew Fisher Group Chief Financial Officer Members  Chris Gillespie Managing Director, CCD and Satsuma   Shamus Hodgson Managing Director, Moneybarn   Chris Sweeney Managing Director, Vanquis Bank   Ken Mullen General Counsel & Company Secretary   Rick Hunkin Interim Group Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Executive committee’s terms of reference PDF (179Kb)  

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Financial calendar
Investors / Financial calendar

Interim management statements are announced at 7am unless otherwise stated.

Financial model
Investors / Investment case / Financial model

To support the delivery of the group’s strategy, the group will continue to operate a financial model that is founded on investing in customer-centric businesses which offer attractive returns and which aligns an appropriate capital structure with the group’s dividend policy and future growth plans. The group’s businesses have strong positions in their respective markets and the group’s future prospects will be underpinned by the significant actions underway to strengthen culture and governance and by placing positive customer outcomes firmly at the centre of the group’s strategy.

Follow us
Media / Follow us

All the information you need to keep up to date with Provident Financial's activities is available in our newsroom, and on our social media channels.

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General Meeting - Circular
Investors / General Meeting - Circular

Get email news
Media / Get email news

Greenhouse gas emissions
The bigger picture / Environmental impact / Greenhouse gas emissions

We are required to disclose the annual amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from activities for which we are directly responsible, including combustion of fuel or operation of any facility, and for which we are indirectly responsible, such as the electricity and heat we purchase. We have a target to reduce our scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 30% by 2020, compared to a 2015 baseline (4,612* t CO2e). We are already making good progress, with scope 1 and 2 emissions down 10% in 2016 (4,150* t CO2e).

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Health, safety and well-being
The bigger picture / A safe, inclusive workplace / Health, safety and well-being

Effective occupational health, safety and well-being practices have a positive impact on staff morale and motivation, and a positive impact on labour costs too, such as through reductions in sickness absence. The initiatives we have in place are linked to a range of KPIs, including those that relate to accidents, incidents or occurrences, and levels of absenteeism. Our individual operating businesses are responsible for the day-to-day management of health and safety issues.

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Browsers This website has been built to comply with accessibility guidelines. In order to do this, we’ve used techniques supported by modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox). Modern browsers also make navigation faster and allow us to provide more advanced content and features. This means that, if you are using an older browser, you may be viewing our website in a more simplified form. You can download the latest version of your preferred web browser below: Download Google Chrome Download Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Apple Safari Navigation The site has been designed to make it as easy and quick to navigate as possible.

How we are regulated
The bigger picture / Our core business / How we are regulated

Provident Financial Group as a whole is the subject of consolidated supervision by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), a public regulatory body in the UK; this is because the group is the parent company of Vanquis Bank. The PRA sets requirements for the consolidated group in respect of capital adequacy, liquidity and large exposures. In the UK, all our subsidiary businesses are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which monitors all consumer credit lenders to ensure they comply with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended).

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Image library
Media / Image library

Independent advice
Site tools / Independent advice

Advice UK 020 7407 Citizens Advice The phone number of your local bureau can be found in the phone book, at the local library or from the Citizens Advice website. Citizens Advice Scotland 0131 550 Step Change Debt Charity 0800 138 Money Advice Scotland 0141 572 National Debtline 0808 808 4000www.nationaldebtline.

Investment calculator
Investors / Share price information / Investment calculator

Investment case
Investors / Investment case

With a portfolio of strong businesses, PFG offers an attractive investment case and a clear proposition to investors.

Investor glossary
Investors / Shareholder centre / Investor glossary


IR contacts
Investors / IR contacts

If you have any investment queries, please contact one of our investor relations team. Gary Thompson Group financial controller and head of investor relationsinvestors@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351351 Vicki Turner Senior group finance and investor relations managerinvestors@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351351 Phil Shepherd Group treasurerPhil.Shepherd@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351566

Issues affecting our customers
The bigger picture / Our core business / Issues affecting our customers

For us, responsible lending is about developing and delivering products that meet the needs of our customers. Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction In 2016, 93% of home credit customers say they are satisfied with the Provident home credit service (2015: 93%) with the vast majority saying they would recommend Provident to a friend. Customer satisfaction at Vanquis Bank stands at 89% (2015: 88%) and Moneybarn at 89% (2015: 89%).

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Key performance indicators
Investors / Investment case / Key performance indicators

The group uses a number of KPIs to assess progress against each of its strategic objectives, including both financial and non-financial measures. These KPIs are helpful in assessing progress but are not exhaustive as management also takes account of a wide range of other measures in assessing performance.

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Site tools / Legal

Please read these terms of use carefully.  For the purposes of these terms, ''we/our/us'' means Provident Financial plc. Together with our privacy policy, they govern our relationship with you in relation to this website. If you have any comments or questions about our website terms of use, please contact us on 01274 351 351 or write to us at Provident Financial plc, No. 1 Godwin Street, Bradford, BD1 2SU. We may change these terms of use or our privacy policy at any time by updating this page.

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Major shareholders
Investors / Shareholder centre / Major shareholders

Market share and competitors
Investors / Investment case / Market share and competitors

The group specialises in serving the needs of the approximately 10-12 million people with a range of products from credit cards and car finance, to home credit and online unsecured and guarantor loans. Non-standard credit customers typically have a poor credit history, or no credit history at all, or may have had past problems with credit, often due to periods of unemployment, family break-up, ill‑health or the use of inappropriate mainstream credit offers.

Material CR issues
The bigger picture / Our approach / Material CR issues

We consult with our key stakeholders to ensure that we manage and report on CR issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders. We reviewed our material CR issues in 2017, carrying out an exercise to identify and prioritise these issues. The issues that were identified as a result of the materiality assessment exercise have been plotted on the materiality matrix below. Materiality matrix

Measuring our impact
The bigger picture / Supporting our communities / Measuring our impact

We are keen to measure the benefits of the group’s community involvement contributions in order to assess whether we have met the objectives of our community involvement strategies.


Media contacts
Media / Media contacts

If you have any media queries, please contact one of our media team.   Jade Byrne Corporate Communications ManagerJade.Byrne@providentfinancial.comTel: 01274 351990 Richard King Group Interim Corporate Communication DirectorRichard.King@providentfinancial.comTel: 0203 620 3073  

Meet PFG
Meet PFG

Meeting our customers needs
The bigger picture / Our core business / Meeting our customers needs

Our social purpose is about the financial inclusion of those who are not well served by mainstream credit providers or are excluded altogether. We describe this market as the non-standard credit market.   This means that it is imperative that we put the needs of our 2.5 million customers at the front and centre of everything we do. We do this by delivering credit products that meet the particular needs of our customers and treating our them responsibly throughout their journey with us, from the point at which we market our products to customers, throughout the entire term of their loan, especially if they experience any difficulties.

The bigger picture / Our approach / Memberships

Our memberships enable us to access information on best practice on a range of social and environmental issues and share our experience of managing a CR programme with others. These include: Associate Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group Business Disability Forum Business in the Community  The West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce Eco-Network  London Benchmarking Group

Mission and values
Meet PFG / Who we are / Mission and values

Our group mission and values statement provides the basis for understanding the aims and activities of PFG's business. Our core values shape what we do and how we do it and provide a base against which our performance is assessed.  Our mission The group’s mission is to refocus on customer solutions and continue to be the leader in the non-standard market responsibly providing access to credit to customers who are not well served by mainstream lenders.

Our businesses / Vehicle finance / Moneybarn

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Media / Newsroom

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Our approach
The bigger picture / Our approach

Acting responsibly and with integrity is a fundamental part of our overall strategy and is the bedrock of long-term value creation. Our group CR strategy specifies that we will: Operate our core business of lending to our customers in a responsible and sustainable manner. Act responsibly and sustainably in all our other stakeholder relationships. The strategy underlines our commitment to: Put the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach to climate change
The bigger picture / Environmental impact / Our approach to climate change

Climate change is one of the most important issues facing the world today. The continued unsustainable emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as a carbon dioxide, will not only affect the environment and cause extreme weather events, it will also impact the way we live and work In recognition of the need to take urgent action to tackle climate change at a global level, the UK government, in 2016, ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which it had initially signed at the United Nation’s 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in December 2015.

Our approach to tax
The bigger picture / CR governance / Our approach to tax

Alongside transparent products, we strive to be transparent in all other areas of our business. This is not only because it is an essential component of corporate governance, but because in being open with our stakeholders on issues that are important to them, we are able to build further trust. Paying tax is a key part of how our business contributes to society. We are committed to ensuring that we pay the tax we are legally required to pay in all of the territories in which we operate, complying with all tax rules and regulations and safeguarding our reputation as a responsible taxpayer.

Our businesses
Our businesses

Our community involvement strategy
The bigger picture / Supporting our communities / Our community involvement strategy

Through the group’s companies and brands, we support local community projects which seek to help those living in deprived communities. Our aim is to not only provide financial help but to get our staff involved in the projects too. This helps motivate and develop our staff and leverages the financial support we give so that even more is achieved. During 2016, we reviewed our group community investment strategy. We looked at our existing community investment activities, other companies’ programmes, as well as assessing key trends in community investment.

Our core business
The bigger picture / Our core business

Provident Financial plc is the leading non-standard lender in the UK. We currently have 3,712 employees and serve 2.4 million customers in the UK and Ireland. The focus of our business is to serve the c 10-12m consumers that make up the non-standard credit market in the UK and Ireland. This market is made up of people who, for a variety of reasons, from relatively low incomes to poor credit histories, are not well served by the mainstream credit market’s products and services.

Our customers
Meet PFG / Our customers

The UK non-standard credit market is made up of around 10-12 million people who, for a variety of reasons, from relatively low income to a poor credit history, are not well served by the mainstream credit market’s products and services. Typically, Provident Financial's customers are hard-working people living on modest incomes. They tend to borrow less than mainstream credit market customers, but they need it to be easy to make repayments and they like the flexibility to adjust those payments if their circumstances change.

Our heritage
Meet PFG / Our heritage

Provident Financial has a rich history dating back to 1880 when the company was founded in Bradford, West Yorkshire, by Joshua Kelley Waddilove. Origins Sir Joshua Waddilove worked as an insurance agent and in the course of his work saw first hand how some working class families struggled to pay for essential items such as furniture, clothes and shoes. He realised that something needed to change and devised a system to help families provide for themselves through the use of vouchers which could be exchanged in local shops for clothing, food and coal.

Our philosophy
The bigger picture / CR governance / Our philosophy

We have served the non-standard credit market since 1880; putting the needs of our customers at the centre of all we do and lending to them in a responsible manner. This sense of corporate responsibility has extended into other areas of our business and continues to be an important part of how the Provident Financial Group operates. This means that we not only lend responsibly to our customers, but that we also invest in community outreach programmes, minimise our impact on the environment, and fulfil our responsibilities to all our stakeholders.

Our strategy
Investors / Our strategy

We aim to consistently grow our earnings and create attractive returns on the money we invest. The group has four key strategic objectives to deliver our mission which are measured through a number of financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs).

The bigger picture / Overview

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Privacy & cookies
Site tools / Privacy & cookies

This policy sets out how we use and protect any personal information that you give us when you use this website. If you have any questions about this policy, or do not agree with it, please contact our customer services department on 01274 351135 before using this website. We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective from 23 March 2005.

Our businesses / Consumer credit / Provident

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Regulatory news
Investors / Regulatory news

Results centre
Investors / Results, reports and presentations / Results centre

Results, reports and presentations
Investors / Results, reports and presentations

Rights issue
Investors / Rights issue

RNS email alerts
Investors / Regulatory news / RNS email alerts

If you would like to receive an email whenever a regulatory news item is published, please subscribe by filling in the form below.

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Satsuma Loans
Our businesses / Consumer credit / Satsuma Loans

Site tools / Search

Share price alerts
Investors / Share price information / Share price alerts

Share price charts
Investors / Share price information / Share price charts

Share price information
Investors / Share price information

15 minute delayed share price from the London Stock Exchange. Provident Financial shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol PFG. Information on our share price is listed in a number of daily newspapers and is available, at a cost, from FT Cityline (telephone: 09058 171 690). Share price information delivered by Euroland

Share price look-up
Investors / Share price information / Share price look-up

Shareholder centre
Investors / Shareholder centre

Welcome to our shareholder section where you can manage your shareholding online, access annual general meeting (AGM) information, access dividend information and find contact details for our Registrar. The company’s registrar, Link Asset Services, offers electronic shareholder services via Signal shares. Electronic shareholder services Signal shares is an online service which enables you to quickly and easily access and maintain your shareholding online at any time.

Shareholder engagement
Investors / Corporate governance / Shareholder engagement

The board believes that open and regular dialogue with investors provides the foundation for a long and trusted relationship. The Chairman is responsible for ensuring that appropriate channels of communication are established between directors and shareholders and that all directors are aware of any issues and concerns that major shareholders may have. Regular engagement provides investors with an opportunity to discuss particular areas of interest and raise any concerns.

Shareholder FAQs
Investors / Shareholder centre / Shareholder FAQs

Some of your shareholding questions answered.  

Shareholder forms and leaflets
Investors / Shareholder centre / Shareholder forms and leaflets

Here you will find a number of useful forms and leaflets related to shareholdings. Forms Dividend mandate form and guidelines Change of address form Stock transfer form including guidance notes ShareGift donation coupon ShareGift transfer form Leaflets Letter of indemnity Bereavement information FCA Boiler Room Scams information Dissentient register FAQs Custody FAQs If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us.

Statements of cash flows
Investors / Consolidated financial statements / Statements of cash flows

Statements of cash flows For the year ended 31 December   Notes Group Company 2016 £m 2015 £m 2016 £m 2015 £m Cash flows from operating activities           Cash generated from/(used in) operations 30 147.8 202.0 (85.7) (48.0) Finance costs paid   (71.7) (73.0) (55.3) (59.2) Finance income received   - - 83.8 83.8 Tax paid   (64.4) (47.5) (7.7) - Net cash generated from/(used in) operating activities   11.7 81.5 (64.

Statements of change in shareholders' equity
Investors / Consolidated financial statements / Statements of change in shareholders' equity

Statements of changes in shareholders’ equity: Group Group Notes Share capital £m Share premium £m Other reserves £m Retained earnings £m Total £m At 1 January 2015   30.3 268.3 19.0 295.4 613.0 Profit for the year   - - - 218.2 218.2 Other comprehensive income:             – fair value movement on available for sale investment 15 - - 17.5 - 17.5 – fair value movements on cash flow hedges 17 - - 3.6 - 3.6 – actuarial movements on retirement benefit asset 19 - - - (5.

Supporting local businesses
The bigger picture / Treating suppliers fairly / Supporting local businesses

We are committed to supporting smaller, local businesses close to our head office in Bradford to improve their environmental management and wider CR performance. We provide this support through our collaboration with the West and North Yorkshire Chambers of Commerce’s on their ‘Raising the Bar’ initiative. Raising the Bar aims to engage small- and medium-sized enterprises in West Yorkshire on the wider CR agenda, helping them develop, measure and gain external recognition of their efforts.

Supporting local projects
The bigger picture / Supporting our communities / Supporting local projects

We recognise that we have a duty to invest in the communities where non-standard credit consumers live and address the issues that are relevant to their particular needs. Such issues include: unemployment or under-employment; low, uncertain or fluctuating incomes; low educational attainment; and physical or mental health issues. Our community investment strategy is to invest in community activities that seek to alleviate these underlying problems.

Supporting our communities
The bigger picture / Supporting our communities

Supporting research
The bigger picture / Supporting research

Our aim is to initiate and support research which provides insight into the financial behaviour and decision making of non-standard customers.  The non-standard credit market is made up of c 10-12m people, however less is known about the financial behaviour or preferences of those within this group. 

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The bigger picture
The bigger picture

The money advice sector
The bigger picture / Our core business / The money advice sector

As part of our commitment to help non-standard credit market customers, we work with and provide financial support to a wide range of free and voluntary money advice organisations to help those who may have problems repaying their debts to us and others, and to increase the quality and availability of free, independent money advice in the UK. In 2016, the free and voluntary money advice organisations we supported included: Advice UK Advice UK used our funding to support their National Money Advice Co-ordinator (NMAC).

Training and development
The bigger picture / A safe, inclusive workplace / Training and development

The training and development we provide focuses on motivating everyone to reach their full potential, such as through: ensuring our employees can carry out their current job effectively and efficiently; creating the opportunity for our people to progress to the next level, fulfilling their potential in line with our business objectives; and developing an environment where everyone can achieve job satisfaction. Our divisions also have polices and processes in place which enable employees to pursue professional qualifications and continue their professional development.

Treating suppliers fairly
The bigger picture / Treating suppliers fairly

Part of our corporate responsibility involves treating our suppliers fairly and using our purchasing power to make sustainable procurement decisions.

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Unsolicited investment advice
Investors / Shareholder centre / Unsolicited investment advice

Provident Financial PLC shareholders are advised to be cautious about any unsolicited financial advice, offers to buy shares at a discount or offers of free company reports. We are legally obliged to make our register of members available, subject to a proper purpose test, to the public. As a consequence of this some shareholders might receive unsolicited mail. Shareholders wishing to limit the amount of such mail should write to the Mailing Preference Service, FREEPOST 29 LON20771, London W1E 0ZT.

Media / Get email news / Unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe please type in the email address you subscribed with to the email service.

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Meet PFG / Careers / Vacancies

We’re always looking for talented, motivated people to join our teams across the country. If you are interested in joining a successful FTSE 250 company and developing your career in a friendly, exciting and challenging environment, then take a look at the jobs available in each of our businesses. Careers at Vanquis Bank Our head office is in central London and we have call centres in Chatham, Kent and Bradford, West Yorkshire. We look for friendly, approachable people to support our customers in our call centres and some of the brightest corporate minds to join our head office management team.

Vanquis Bank
Our businesses / Credit card / Vanquis Bank

Vehicle finance
Our businesses / Vehicle finance

Video library
Media / Video library

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Who we are
Meet PFG / Who we are

Established in 1880, PFG is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personal credit products to the non-standard lending market. We are a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange, with 4,940 employees serving 2.5 million customers. Through our network of branches, call-centres and websites, we provide a portfolio of products designed to meet the particular needs of those who want credit products. The group delivers non-standard lending through our businesses - Vanquis Bank, Provident home credit, Satsuma Loans and Moneybarn.

Why work for us?
Meet PFG / Careers / Why work for us?

Workplace diversity
The bigger picture / A safe, inclusive workplace / Workplace diversity

Our continued success relies on having a talented workforce. To recruit and retain the best, it is essential we provide our staff with a safe and inclusive working environment that encourages everyone to reach their potential, and develops them to meet their personal career goals. We are keen to ensure that our workforce is representative of the many communities we serve across the UK and Ireland. Our operating divisions have diversity policies and processes which enable us to comply with the Equalities Act 2010 in the UK and the Employment Equality Act 1998 in the Republic of Ireland.

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