Risk assessment – COVID 19

As part of Provident Financial Group’s contingency planning arrangements in relation to COVID 19, we have undertaken a detailed risk assessment in line with government guidance to ensure we have and continue to take reasonable steps to protect our colleagues, customers, agents, visitors and other third parties from the virus. Our approach considered:

  • Identifying those work activities or situations which might facilitate transmission of the virus.
  • Assessing those colleagues who could be at risk.
  • Determining how likely it is that someone could be exposed.
  • Taking reasonable steps to remove the activity or situation, or if this isn’t possible, control the risk.

In undertaking the above, we identified ten scope areas below with a detailed review of the inherent risks and assessment of the controls in place to manage these.  A Group wide program team was established comprising of Facilities, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Risk and Information Technology to undertake the work.  In addition, we utilised our colleague forums to obtain feedback from colleagues and listen to their COVID 19 concerns to ensure this was incorporated into our risk assessment.

Scope areas

  1. Identifying who is required to return to work in the office and when.
  2. Implementation and adherence to social distancing measures.
  3. Implementation of appropriate cleaning regimes.
  4. Employees/visitors/contractors adhering to the appropriate personal hygiene/cleaning measures expected of them whilst at work/on site.
  5. Providing accurate and timely guidance to employees and contractors.
  6. Protection of employees who interact with third parties.
  7. Providing employees who are required to work remotely with the required level of support in order to enable them to carry out their role in the home.
  8. Sufficient protection for employees/self-employed Agents/Designates who interact with customers in the field.
  9. Sufficient protection for employees during their commute to and from work.
  10. Adherence to Government guidelines, advice or legal requirements.

PFG can confirm that the risk assessment has been completed and was approved by the Group Board in September.  Given our robust approach in planning for the various COVID 19 challenges, we believe our risks are being well managed and that we have effective and reasonable controls in place.  We continue to review and monitor our risks as new government guidance is issued.  This is coordinated through our Human Resources leadership team.