PFG is a market-leading FTSE 250 company. We aim to deliver long-term value for our shareholders through our UK network and specialist knowledge of the market.
Our investment case is based on five key areas.

In the UK, one in five adults (10 to 12 million people) are underserved by mainstream lenders. 

Because consumer participation in our market is typically driven by changing personal or household circumstances, the market is relatively fluid over time, with c.1 to 2 million consumers moving in and out each year.

With our broad range of products and services, we are well positioned to be the credit provider of choice for these customers.

Our Blueprint brings together why PFG exists as an organisation, framed in the context of the role our business plays in the lives of our customers. It also sets out the strategic focus and key priorities that will drive both competitive advantage and commercial success for the whole Group.

While our customers share many similarities with mainstream credit customers, there are important differences arising from their individual circumstances. 

Our customers need a tailored approach and a wider range of suitable and sustainable credit solutions to best serve their more varied needs. These needs tend to change over time, which is why we take a more flexible approach.

Over the medium term, our plan is to become a broader banking group for the underserved customer. To achieve this, we are working collaboratively across the Group and focusing on our customers. We have significant opportunities to take our Group forward as we look towards new markets, new products and new digital advancements and we have the financial strength to achieve this.

To support the delivery of our Purpose, we have a financial model founded on investing in customer-centric businesses with attractive returns, which aligns an appropriate capital structure with the Group’s dividend policy and future growth plans.