Moneybarn is the largest provider of non-standard vehicle finance in the UK.

Founded in 1992, Moneybarn provides finance for cars and light commercial vehicles to non-standard customers in the UK. Moneybarn's responsible approach to lending is based on more than a generic credit score. By considering each customer's personal history, Moneybarn is able to provide finance to customers that have previously been refused credit from mainstream lenders.

How Moneybarn works

Moneybarn's market-leading online application process can provide an initial acceptance decision in principal and a provisional quotation quickly. Using a bespoke scorecard, Moneybarn are able to consider all elements of a customer's circumstance, allowing us to make a more informed decision. Operating a responsible lending policy, all lending decisions assess a customer’s creditworthiness and whether the repayment schedule is within a customer's means.

Our Hampshire-based customer contact centre allows customers to contact us throughout the life of their agreement, working particularly closely with customers who might need support in maintaining their repayments.

I had a few credit problems in the past when my marriage broke down. Even though that was a few years ago and I’ve now sorted everything out, I still found it very difficult to get a car loan. That’s why it was so refreshing when Moneybarn gave me the help I needed.

Pete, Telford

I contacted Moneybarn after seeing the details on the internet. I needed finance for a car I wanted to buy, and from the initial phone call to a conversation with the staff, I was given several options taking my situation into account. Most importantly I wanted to make sure I had all the information I needed and could afford the repayments. Moneybarn guided me through the whole process and as a first time customer I was made to feel very welcome and felt well informed. I would highly recommend this company and the outstanding service to anyone.

Cheilea, Portsmouth

Our products

We offer responsible car finance through conditional sale agreements. We are here to help ordinary people get to work, take their children to school and live their lives.

Our contracts are typically for between four and five years with instalments paid monthly. The average value of a loan is approximately £8,200.

As the most progressive non-standard vehicle finance company in the market, Moneybarn are constantly exploring new ways to extend the product offering and continue to consider opportunities for development.

Experience and expertise

Moneybarn is the newest business within the Provident Financial Group and is a strong fit with Provident Financial's long history of success in the non-standard credit industry. Moneybarn has experienced and skilled staff alongside a management team that are experts in the car finance market.

For further information visit the Moneybarn website.