Vehicle finance

Moneybarn promotes financial inclusion by providing vehicle finance to those consumers who may be unable to obtain mainstream credit, enabling them to get to work and earn a living.

Shamus Hodgson
Managing director, Moneybarn

Moneybarn provides car finance to non-standard customers in the UK. By assessing every customer’s personal history, needs and situation, the company is able to make responsible lending decisions and provide non-standard customers access to good quality vehicles.









Average loan range


How we do it

  • Market-leader in non-standard used car finance with over 20 years of experience in the car finance market.
  • Provide finance for used cars, the primary use of which is to travel to work, bought through dealerships.
  • Focus on non-standard customers, less well served by mainstream and manufacturer-tied lenders.
  • Strong broker relationships maintained and built by consistent lending through the cycle.
  • Simple broker commission structures.

What we do

  • Simple hire purchase car finance with no add-ons or insurances focused on the needs of the non-standard second-hand car buyer.
  • Customer relationships established with a welcome call and maintained with individual discussions when issues arise.
  • Investment in automation and credit scoring systems where appropriate, building market-leading service levels with acceptance in principle decisions within four seconds of application.
  • Fairness is at the centre of all discussions with customers, always looking to keep the customer in their car if possible and looking for the best outcome for them overall.

How value is created

  • Better outcomes for customers – helping people get to work. More suitable product than unsecured lending.
  • Low level of upheld Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) complaints. High levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Strong growth opportunity in a market with large demand, poorly served by mainstream lenders through the cycle.
  • Primacy with key brokers to access the best leads available.

More about Moneybarn

Consumer credit regulation

Moneybarn is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA regulates the entire financial services industry and uses a set of rules and principals to ensure that customers are fairly treated by providers.

As a leading member of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), the official trade body of the motor finance industry, Moneybarn is subject to the FLA’s Lending Code. The FLA promotes best practice in the motor finance industry through a Lending Code which sets out best practice in consumer lending.