Vanquis Bank

A leading specialist player in a large, established cards market

Started in 2003, Vanquis Bank brings the benefits of credit cards to people who can find themselves excluded by mainstream card issuers. Credit card limits are significantly lower than those of mainstream lenders and we maintain a high level of customer contact throughout the life of the account. We also have higher minimum repayments compared with most other credit card providers, which helps our customers pay off their balances more quickly.

How Vanquis Bank works

Following the application process, we make sure all of our customers speak to one of our customer support staff at our call centre in Chatham. They are also contacted before their first payment is due, before their credit limit is increased and at any time they appear to be finding it difficult to make payments. Our customers also choose to contact us more frequently which helps them stay in control of their account.

The amount of credit available to a customer is based on past performance on their account. We limit our exposure to risk at the beginning of the relationship by setting a much lower credit limit than the mainstream card issuers. Our typical initial credit lines is around £250. We then look at the payment performance on the account and offer controlled increases in credit limit when appropriate. Our maximum initial customer credit limit is currently £1,000. 


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Customer satisfaction

I started my own business a couple of years ago, which has been going well for the most part. My Vanquis Bank card helps me to smooth out the peaks and troughs in my personal expenditure, allowing me to concentrate on my business.

Paul, London

The value to customers

Our customers value a Vanquis Bank credit card for a variety of reasons:

  • It provides them with access to credit for the first time if they have a ‘thin’ credit history and no previous experience of taking out credit;
  • They are seeking to rebuild their credit history after problems in the past;
  • They value the inherent utility of a credit card,particularly accessing discounts and lower prices on the internet;
  • Our customers often lack trust in high street banking, having been declined or experienced financial difficulty in the past with high street banks; and
  • They value our high personal contact model.

Experience and expertise

While Vanquis Bank is a relatively new venture, we are comfortable in this market because of Provident Financial's long history of success in the non-standard credit industry as well as the experience and skills of the Vanquis Bank staff, many of whom have a background in serving non-standard customers.

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