Satsuma Loans

Satsuma started trading in 2013, offering online, short-term loans in the non-standard credit market.

Satsuma is an online instalment loan business. Satsuma Loans collects repayments on a weekly or monthly basis. The total amount repayable is fixed at the outset, so there are no extra charges. The customer support call centre is UK-based as with the Group's Provident home credit products.

Satsuma Loans provide short-term loans online to help customers manage their everyday lives.

The product and service is designed to align with the requirements of non-standard credit borrowers. The full cost of a loan is agreed upfront and is then repaid in fixed and manageable weekly payments. This means that customers have peace of mind that they’ll never incur any additional fees or charges whatsoever.

How a Satsuma loan works

Following a successful online application, including affordability and credit bureau checks, loans are delivered directly to customers’ bank accounts. A member of our Customer Care Team is available throughout the term of the loan if support is required.

Repaying a Satsuma loan

Repayments are collected automatically by CPA (continuous payment authority). The full cost of a Satsuma loan and the fixed, manageable repayment schedule are agreed with customers upfront. However, if their circumstances change, the structure of our loans allow for flexibility in the repayment schedule without incurring any late fees or additional charges.

For further information visit Satsuma website