Provident is the largest home credit business in the UK and Ireland. Every week, local Customer Experience Managers (CEMs) visit the majority of our customers, to issue loans and collect repayments.

Provident offers home credit loans, typically of a few hundred pounds or Euros, through a network of CEMs who call each week to customers’ homes in the UK and Ireland. 

How Provident home credit works

Through our Provident business, we provide small, unsecured loans, usually for sums of between £100 and £1,000 for new customers. Our customers use home credit for a variety of reasons, such as an unexpectedly high bill.

CEMs are at the heart of the Provident home credit business. Often, they come from the same communities as their customers so have a real understanding of their customers' needs and circumstances. 

Weekly visits are not only convenient; it’s a useful reminder to put the money aside for the repayment too. If customers get into difficulty, they know they’ll get a sympathetic response and help from their CEM to reschedule their repayments.

Repaying a Provident home credit loan

Unlike other forms of lending, home credit includes all the costs up front. There are no extra charges whatsoever, even if a customer misses a payment. For those managing on a tight budget, it’s important to know that the amount to be repaid is fixed at the start and will never go up.

For further information visit Provident's website.