Customer testimonials

Our customers use our products and services for a range of reasons from dealing with unexpectedly high bills or for household repairs.


Easy to fill out online form and the money was in my account the same day-which was a Saturday!

Absolutely fantastic as I am a working mum with 5 kids and my washer broke and I was going out of my mind with worry. Was able to replace my washer and get all the uniforms and work clothes ready for Monday morning! Thank you Satsuma. Also great not to have to worry about paying it all back out my wage with the weekly repayments. Thanks again!

Feefo customer (Satsuma Loans)


My wife and I first heard about Provident Financial 30 years ago, when some of our neighbours became customers.

My wife and I first heard about Provident Financial 30 years ago, when some of our neighbours became customers. The services they offered sounded good, so we decided to give them a try and we’ve been with them ever since.There have been times when we’ve struggled with unexpectedly high bills and without Provident Financial we simply wouldn’t have been able to pay them. Our agent Paula is like one of the family now and she’s also been a great help to us during difficult times. She even came to visit me when I was in hospital which really cheered me up. We look forward to her visiting us and the kettle goes on at two o’clock every Tuesday without fail, so there’s always a cuppa waiting for her when she arrives.

George, Halifax (home credit)

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After a troubled past with credit it was a pleasure to speak to a person who valued me for my merits and not for my history.

The person I spoke to on the phone regarding my application was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you Vanquis for who you are, your belief in people, your time and understanding – I shall be a lifelong customer.

Lynn, Newark (Vanquis)

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I saw the advert for Vanquis Bank which said I could restore my credit rating. It was an easy online application with a quick decision at the end of the process.

I was chuffed when I found out I’d be approved. They gave me an initial £250 credit limit for about six months, before increasing it to £500 following no issues with payments. They really have made a difference to my life; they’ve helped me re-establish my credit rating which is exactly what I needed their support to do.

Mark, Hertfordshire (Vanquis) 

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I’m a single mum with two children currently working on my own fashion business. Whenever I applied for loans or even phone contracts I kept getting refused due to only having one low income.

I chose Vanquis Bank because they were clear on how they could help me improve my credit rating and having the card makes me feel more confident. I really recommend Vanquis for people who have a bad credit rating because it’s a good start and the main reason I like them is because they have everything clearly laid out for you in terms of how to manage your money,so you can keep track of what you’re spending. I’d say go for it because if you have any difficulties they are there to support you.

Sarah, Hackney (Vanquis)


I contacted Moneybarn after seeing the details on the internet. I needed finance for a car I wanted to buy, and from the initial phone call to a conversation with the staff, I was given several options taking my situation into account.

Most importantly I wanted to make sure I had all the information I needed and could afford the repayments. Moneybarn guided me through the whole process and as a first time customer I was made to feel very welcome and felt well informed. I would highly recommend this company and the outstanding service to anyone.

Cheilea, Portsmouth (Moneybarn)