Our customers

We are a specialist lender here to serve the 1 in 5 UK adults who are not well served by mainstream lenders.

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We feel consumers may not be well served by mainstream providers for a number of reasons:

  • Experienced a significant life event, e.g. divorce or loss of a job
  • New to credit in the UK and therefore have little or no credit history
  • Looking to build or rebuild their credit rating
  • Managing everyday life on low, irregular or average incomes with limited or no savings
  • Have variable incomes, e.g. self-employed or a number of part-time jobs
  • Value a more tailored product and service

The customers we specialise in serving have many similarities to mainstream credit customers. However, there are important differences due to their specific circumstances, requiring a tailored approach and a wider range of suitable and sustainable credit solutions to best serve their more varied needs and circumstances. These needs and circumstances also tend to change more over time, requiring us to provide a more flexible approach.

Our customers’ typical characteristics