Key performance indicators

The Group began to embed the Blueprint, to develop its culture through 2019. These strategic drivers are beginning to drive the right behaviours on a daily basis, putting the customer in mind with each decision. Each division has begun to define KPIs to evidence how they have progressed with each of the strategic drivers in the year. This will feed into Group metrics in future, allowing the development to be evidenced and reported.

Customer progression

90% - Vanquis Bank customers who were satisfied with their Vanquis Bank credit card (2018: 86%)

91% - Home credit customers who believe that the product ‘clearly meets their needs’ (2018: 88%)

4.6 - Moneybarn customer satisfaction (Feefo score) (2018: 4.7)

2,224 - Number of employee volunteering hours (2018: 2,415)

Human experiences

58% of Vanquis Bank customers engage with the app or online service

55% increase in adoption of online statements by Vanquis Bank customers over the last 6 months

76% increase in 2019 in Moneybarn customer visits to the website to 527,065 sessions

109% increase in 2019 in applications through the Moneybarn website to become a new customer

16.8m collection visits made by home credit CEMs in 2019

Head AND heart decisions

90% - Vanquis customer satisfaction score (2018: 86%)

89% - Provident (UKHC) customer satisfaction (2018: 87%)

82% - Satsuma customer satisfaction (2018: 80%)

4.6 - Moneybarn Feefo Score (2018: 4.7)

Fighting fit

May 2022 - Funding headroom committed maturities (2018: May 2020)