Our colleagues' stories should help you to understand what life at PFG and within our divisions is really like.

Adam Cooke

I have worked at PFG for over 11 years and am currently a Compliance Officer at Moneybarn. I started working at Moneybarn as a Recoveries Supervisor in February 2010, back when Moneybarn was called Duncton No 1 Ltd up until August 2011. I was pleased with the name change, as the old name did not carry well over the phone with customers and we were all repeating ourselves! As a Recoveries Supervisor, I looked after a team of two and worked shortfall debts. The team grew much larger and we eventually moved into the Collections and Customer Service team.

I’ve been a Compliance Officer since March 2020, and have been learning on the job whilst working from home. My career has developed in several ways in the time I’ve worked at PFG. A few years back, I was seconded into an initial three-month Asset Management role. I enjoyed the role a lot, it seemed that I had found my niche. The secondment became a permanent position, and it was here that my career really started. I welcomed more responsibility and liked learning about management reports and dealing with outside agencies. I enjoyed working closely with Litigation and Recovery agents and a Specialist Division of the police called NAVCIS.

Career Opportunities

Open and eager for new opportunities, I attended internal and external training courses in preparation of being a team leader. My team’s duties, tasks and members were growing within the business, so I used my experience to secure a Team Leader promotion. Becoming a team leader brought me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to adopt a different way of thinking. I enjoyed helping my team and I soon recognised that I was responsible for their future as well as my own.

When Moneybarn restructured a few years ago, I used this opportunity to show the business what I could do and brought my experience into what is now the Contact Centre. I really enjoyed training new employees.

I recommended a role at Moneybarn to my brother, who then worked in the Contact Centre for a few years and has just started a new role internally in a newly created department.

Career Development

I’ve gained a number of different skills whilst working at PFG. My written English has improved and will improve more as I gain more experience in my current role. I have been on training courses for Excel, PowerPoint, First Aid, and dealing with difficult people as well as other things. I’ve become comfortable talking to my peers and those in more senior roles. I still get nervous, but at least it doesn’t show as much anymore. I’ve become much better at sitting back, listening to others, and then trying to see things from another perspective and applying this to help Moneybarn and its customers.

My personal development is ongoing, I’ve recently started Report Writing Skills on the internal learning platform. I also make sure I keep up to date with industry knowledge and products, whilst continuing to focus on doing my new job well.

Other work highlights for me have included cooking at company BBQs. It was a very good way to meet other people and teams within the business. In previous years, I’ve also volunteered to drive minibuses and arrange food at annual company charity events. It was another way to show team commitment, get to know others from the business and show some leadership skills.

Career Progression

So far my career at Moneybarn has progressed a lot, and I’d like to progress a little further. I’d like to be on the Moneybarn Executive Committee one day, to share my experience of the business and help to grow and shape for the future. All of this will help our customers and the company at the same time. It will also keep my mind active and stretch me further.

I think the new Blueprint and Personal Development Review platforms give all colleagues a chance to shine. My next goal is to become a Senior Compliance Officer and carry on heading onwards and upwards.

Jessica Sutcliffe

I’ve been a User Experience (UX) Designer at Vanquis since November 2020. I started my first role at PFG as a Junior UX Designer for CCD back in February 2018. In three short years, I’ve secured two promotions and started a completely new role in a different area of the business. I was promoted from Junior UX Designer to UX Designer within my first 10 months at PFG. After a further 18 months of hard work, I was promoted again to UX Design Manager, where I managed another UX Designer.

I secured my new role as UX Designer at Vanquis just seven months later. I decided to step back from a Manager position so that I could concentrate on upskilling myself with new programmes and tools to progress my career as a UX Designer. My experience across brands has meant that I have gained knowledge in three out of four PFG business areas (Provident, Satsuma and Vanquis Bank).

Throughout my PFG career, I’ve continued to develop my skills. I’ve picked up new skills from using many different design tools and methods. I’ve learnt how to design and develop in different programmes and platforms. I’ve also learnt a lot about our business and who our customers are.

I try to spend a few hours a week on my personal development. Since starting my newest role at Vanquis, I’ve seen a lot of digital changes. This has meant that I’ve had to learn new things and keep up to date with trends and design tools. We’re encouraged to make time for ourselves to upskill and develop in certain areas in the digital world. This will benefit both the business and myself.

When thinking about future goals, I want to progress my career as a UX Designer and push towards a more senior position. To achieve this, I’m going to keep learning and pushing myself to be the best that I can be. I’m keen to make sure we keep putting the customers first. I’ll continue to work with my team to improve all digital channels and drive forward with the best UX.