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Welcome to our shareholder section where you can manage your shareholding online, access dividend information and find contact details for our Registrar and advisors and brokers.

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Our share register is administered by Capita Asset Services.

ADR programme

The company has a Level 1 American Depositary Receipts Programme sponsored by Bank of New York Mellon, ticker OTC:FPLPY.

Advisor and brokers

Contact details for all our advisors and brokers.

Company nominee scheme

The Provident Financial plc Nominee Service, a regulated service provided by Capita IRG Trustees Limited, was terminated on 31 July 2008. On this date, shares were withdrawn from the Nominee Service and a share certificate was sent to all members of the service.

Employees who participated in the Dividend Re-Investment Plan as part of the Nominee Service were transferred to the Dividend Reinvestment Plan offered by Capita.