Credit cards

A man looking at his credit card whilst on his laptop

We issue credit cards through Vanquis Bank. Our credit card limits are significantly lower than those of mainstream lenders and a high level of contact with customers helps them stay in control.

How our credit cards work

During the application process, a customer will have a telephone interview with one of our customer support staff at our call centre in Chatham. They will also be contacted before their first payment is due, before their credit limit is increased and at any time they appear to be struggling to make payments. Our customers also choose to contact us more frequently to help keep in control of their account.

The amount of credit available to a customer is based on past performance on their account. We limit our exposure to risk at the beginning of the relationship by setting a much lower credit limit than the mainstream card issuers – typically £250. We then look at the payment performance on the account and offer controlled increases in credit limit when appropriate. The maximum limit is £3,000.

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