Customer profiles

Our customers use our products and services for a range of reasons from dealing with unexpectedly high bills or to treat a loved one at Christmas.


Denise is from Leeds and has taken advantage of both our home credit loans and prepaid Visa card.

I’ve always known about Provident Financial as I remember my mum used to have loans from them when I was a child, and I have lots of friends who have loans from them too. So when I needed a loan, Provident Financial was the obvious choice. My partner and I used our last loan for a holiday and some new garden fencing. I’d recommend Provident Financial to anyone as it’s so straightforward and convenient. Our agent, Fran, is marvellous. She always does her best for us and because we’ve known her for so long, she’s more like a friend to us now. I like how we can now have our loan in cash or on a Visa card, which is really helpful for buying things over the internet. I’ve always used Provident Financial and I’ll continue to do so.


Dennis lives in Great Yarmouth and likes the speed and convenience that Provident Financial provides.

“I like the convenience of Provident Financial home credit, and the weekly repayment system helps me to budget. It’s also good to know that if I ever need some extra cash I can arrange it with my agent in a matter of days without even having to leave home. I’ve had many loans over the years, and I’ve used them for all sorts of things – buying Christmas presents, a new computer, and redecorating and furnishing my new flat. I’d recommend my agent to anyone. I’ve known him since I moved here in 1996 and he’s also my parents’ agent too, so he knows my family well. I had my first Provident Financial loan when I was 18, and I’m 43 now so I think that’s a good indicator of customer satisfaction.


George is from Halifax and has been a Provident Financial customer for more than three decades.

My wife and I first heard about Provident Financial 30 years ago, when some of our neighbours became customers. The services they offered sounded good, so we decided to give them a try and we’ve been with them ever since. We’ve had many loans over the years, and we’ve mainly used them for holidays and decorating. There have been times when we’ve struggled with unexpectedly high bills and without Provident Financial we simply wouldn’t have been able to pay them. Our agent Paula is like one of the family now and she’s also been a great help to us during difficult times. She even came to visit me when I was in hospital which really cheered me up. We look forward to her visiting us and the kettle goes on at two o’clock every Tuesday without fail, so there’s always a cuppa waiting for her when she arrives.


Lisa lives in Newcastle and mainly uses her loans to treat her two daughters at Christmas.

My friend recommended Provident Financial to me when my first daughter was born 15 years ago. I mainly use my loans for Christmas presents because I have two daughters and I like to be able to treat them at Christmas. I like how informal and friendly Provident Financial’s service is compared with other lenders’. I used to find it very daunting going to the bank to ask for a loan, knowing I was more than likely to be turned down. Now my agent visits me weekly and she’s always lovely and willing to help, I get on with her really well. I’m a single mum so I have to budget very carefully, and seeing her weekly means she’s always up to date on what’s happening in my life. If I’m having any difficulties we talk it over and come up with a solution that works for both of us. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a loan now, and I don’t think any of my friends who have loans from Provident Financial would either.


Lynn is from Newark and appreciates the courtesy and convenience of Vanquis Bank.

After a troubled past with credit it was a pleasure to speak to a person who valued me for my merits and not for my history. The person I spoke to on the phone regarding my application was very helpful and pleasant. Thank you Vanquis for who you are, your belief in people, your time and understanding – I shall be a lifelong customer.