Provident Personal Credit

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Provident Personal Credit is a home-collected credit business offering small, short-term loans, usually of £50-£500, which are repaid in small, affordable instalments on a weekly basis.

Loans are granted through a network of self-employed agents, who look after over 1.7 million Provident Personal Credit customers. Agents tend to live in the communities they serve and many of them are former customers themselves. This gives them a unique insight into their customers' needs and an understanding of their circumstances.

Once a new customer's loan application has been received and accepted in principle, an agent visits the customer at their home to confirm their details and discuss the terms of the loan. If the customer would still like to go ahead with the loan, they will arrange a second visit to discuss their loan application further and deliver the loan. The agent then calls at the customer's home every week at a time that suits them to collect the customer's repayments. This routine of weekly contact with the agent helps customers stay up-to-date with their repayments. Unlike most other forms of lending, home credit includes all the costs upfront and there are no extra charges whatsoever, even if a customer misses a payment. When a customer takes out a Provident Personal Credit loan they know exactly how much they'll have to pay back from the start, and no matter what happens this amount will never increase.

Provident Personal Credit offers a variety of different loan options:

Cash loans

Customers use cash loans to spread the cost of a range of expenses, including Christmas, birthdays, holidays, the beginning of school terms, or household purchases. New customers usually borrow between £50-£500 which they are able to repay over a variety of weekly payment terms. Provident also offer a budget loan which allows customers to borrow up to £300 over their shortest term, perfect for paying off an unexpected bill or for emergency home repairs.

Love2Shop – The high street gift voucher

Customers can choose to take their loan in Love2Shop vouchers. Love2Shop is the UK's most popular shopping voucher, and is accepted by over 85 different high street retailers. Customers can take up to £500 of vouchers, which they can choose to repay over a variety of weekly repayment terms. Love2Shop vouchers are a popular option, especially at Christmas, allowing customers to treat themselves or buy gifts for their families without spending more than they planned to.

Seasonal products

Provident Personal Credit also offers seasonal products including Christmas hampers.

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