Our approach

Two Provident Financial employees looking at the camera

At Provident, we have long believed that our ongoing success is directly linked to being a model corporate citizen. This means that lending responsibly to our customers, investing in our community outreach programmes, minimising our impact on the environment and fulfilling our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders play a fundamental role in enabling us to continue to build a successful and sustainable business.

Corporate responsibility is of paramount important to us. Our commitment to being a sustainable and responsible company starts with putting the particular needs of our customers at the centre of what we do. We do this by ensuring that our products share the same responsible lending characteristics; they are typically small-sum products which offer high levels of customer contact, forbearance and flexibility.

Our desire to act sustainably and responsibly extends well beyond ensuring that we lend in a responsible manner. It also encompasses how we treat our employees, agents and suppliers, supporting and investing the many communities we serve, and minimising our environmental impacts.

Our CR strategy

Our CR strategy involves acting responsibly in our relationships with customers and making a positive contribution to the communities served by the group’s businesses, and is organised around the following themes:

  • Earning high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements on responsible lending.
  • Following our corporate mission and values in the treatment of our stakeholders.
  • Investing in the communities in which our customers and agents live, and in which our staff work.
  • Maintaining a system to manage wider corporate responsibility issues.

Our key stakeholders

We have identified six main stakeholder groups that have an interest in, or affected by our business activities. They are: customers, communities, employees, suppliers, shareholders and regulators.