Our approach

Two Provident Financial employees looking at the camera

At Provident, we believe that our continued success cannot be separated from the responsibilities we have towards our customers, employees and other stakeholders, and to take account of the issues that are relevant to the communities we serve and our wider environmental impacts. This means that corporate responsibility is an important part of how we operate.

Our CR strategy is simple, straightforward and practically-focused, and is organised around the following themes:

  1. Earning high levels of customer satisfaction
  2. Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements on responsible lending
  3. Following our corporate mission and values in the treatment of our stakeholders
  4. Investing in the communities in which our customers and agents live and in which our staff work
  5. Maintaining a system to manage wider corporate responsibility issues

By adopting a strategic approach to CR management we are able to address the CR issues that are material to our business activities.

Two headline key performance indicators are used to measure the delivery of our CR strategy:

  • Percentage of customers surveyed who are satisfied with the service they have been given
  • The amount of money invested in support of community programmes and donated for charitable purposes

In terms of reporting our CR performance, our approach is organised around the following six themes: