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Home credit

Consumer Credit Association

Trade association for home credit. Most UK home credit providers are members.

Lenders Compared

Price comparison website for home credit loans.



Based at Toynbee Hall in East London, Transact is a UK-wide network of organisations with an interest in financial inclusion. They maintain a website-based library on a wide range of topics such as such as, affordable credit, money advice and debt.

Consumer Credit Counselling Service

Research undertaken by this UK-wide provider of telephone, online and face to face advice on credit and debt issues

Personal Finance Research Centre

Based in the University of Bristol, this independent research centre specialises in social research into personal finance.

Financial Inclusion Task Force

Established by the former Labour Government and supported by HMT, FITF initiated research into advice, banking and credit, intended to inform policy to improve access. Most of its research library has been archived.

Credit Action

National money education charity who also compile monthly debt statistics.

Money Advice Trust Information Hub

Part of Money Advice Trust. A website-based library of information on money advice, credit, debt and debt remedies and recovery.

Government policy and regulation

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

UK Government department with responsibility for consumer credit policy.

Office of Fair Trading

UK regulator of the home credit sector.

Financial Ombudsman Service

Free service for the resolution of disputes between customers and their financial services providers.

Money advice providers

The following organisations provide free (to client) advice:

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity.

Citizens Advice

The phone number and contact details for local bureau (in England and Wales) can be found in the phone book, at the local library or from the Citizens Advice website.

Citizens Advice Scotland

The phone number and contact details for local bureau (in Scotland) can be found on the Citizens Advice Scotland website.

Consumer Credit Counselling Service

UK-wide provider of telephone, online and face to face advice.

National Debtline

Telephone helpline for those with debt problems in England, Scotland and Wales.


UK-wide provider of debt advice.

The following organisations provide support or training services to free advice providers:

Advice UK

Money Advice Scotland

Money Advice Trust