Energy windfarm on a hill

The impact our business activities have on the environment is small compared to that of businesses in many other sectors. Despite this, we endeavour to minimise our environmental impacts where possible. Our main environmental impacts are the energy we use to power our buildings; business travel; waste, in particular paper; and the CO2 emissions associated with all of these. We manage these impacts through our environmental management programme and regular reviews ensure we are dealing with the most material issues.

Corporate profile

Provident Financial is a financial services group specialising in the provision of personal credit products for consumers in the UK non-standard lending market.

We recognise the importance of minimising the environmental impacts of our business activities and ensuring that we contribute to building a more environmentally sustainable society. We do this through an environmental management programme which enables us to reduce the energy and natural resources we use, and the waste we generate.

Environmental management

Our environmental management system (EMS), which enables us to systematically manage our impacts on the environment, has been in operation across our business for over ten years. This EMS is externally audited annually to help ensure both compliance and continual improvement in our environmental management performance. The scope of the 2013 audit covered the business activities of our Bradford-based head office, a small sample of the Consumer Credit Division’s branch offices, and Vanquis Bank’s operations in Chatham, Kent. It is carried out against environmental legislation and the international standard ISO 14001: 2004.

Our 2013 audits revealed no non-conformances and enabled our head office in Bradford to continue to be formally certified to ISO 14001: 2004.