From the CEO

Peter Crook, CEO of Provident Financial, having a meeting with a client

“Being a successful and sustainable company requires more than just generating strong financial results. At Provident, we believe that our continued success cannot be separated from the responsibilities we have towards our customers, employees and other stakeholders, and to take account of the issues that are relevant to the communities we serve and our wider environmental impacts.”

“As a financial services company that has a long and proud history of serving customers in the non-standard credit market, the CR issues that are most material to our business activities relate to:

  • “Lending to our 2.7 million customers in a responsible manner – Ensuring that we provide our customers with simple and transparent credit products via a service which enables us to maintain high levels of personal contact with them is our most important corporate responsibility.
  • “Having a positive impact in the many communities we serve – By virtue of our businesses serving customers in so many communities across the UK and Ireland we have an obligation to work with a variety of partners to address a wide range of local community issues.
  • “Ensuring that we minimise our environmental and supply chain impacts, and are an employer of choice.”

Peter Crook
Chief Executive