Supporting research into our sector

The main focus of this research is to understand the financial behaviour of consumers on lower incomes which, we believe, is of interest to a range of stakeholders, including other financial service providers, regulators and Government departments. During 2010, we part-funded the following projects:

  • Financial behaviour and outcomes of those on low incomes:
    The Social Market Foundation analysed the findings of the Office National Statistics' UK Wealth and Assets Survey. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the financial behaviour of those on low incomes. The findings from this research will be published in 2011.
  • Open Economics - a research project on economic literacy:
    The think-tank Demos explored how much those on low or middle incomes understood economic concepts and engaged in wider questions on the economy. The resulting report can be viewed at here.
  • Towards a nation of savers: understanding capacity, desirability and motivations for saving on a low income:
    The Personal Finance Research Centre, an independent research institute at the University of Bristol, is examining how people on low incomes can be encouraged to save money formally, and how to encourage people who are not saving to prioritise saving over spending. This research will be completed and published in 2011.