Provident Financial - Corporate Responsibility Report:

External independent verification statement for environmental data used in BitC submission


Casella Stanger (now known as Bureau Veritas (“BV”)) was commissioned by Provident Financial in September 2005 to conduct an independent external verification of the environmental performance data that will be used to inform the content of its 2005 BiTC submission.

BV recognises that there are currently no statutory requirements in the UK with regard to the verification of BiTC submissions. Therefore the process we have used in this verification exercise is based on current best practice and BiTC guidelines.

Responsibilities of the Verifier

The verifier’s obligation is to external readers of this statement. The verifier, BV, exclusively is responsible for the contents of the verification statement. While BV advises Provident Financial on environmental issues, we have not been involved in the preparation of any of the data or statements included in the BiTC Submission. In addition, the individual Verifier has not been involved with any environmental assistance to Provident Financial, other than undertaking audits.


The scope was limited to the verification of Provident Financial’s performance data to be used for the BiTC Submission.


Provident Financial has produced a number of spreadsheets detailing information required for BiTC submission and evaluating year on year performance. Information in these spreadsheets was tracked back to source, such as utility invoices.

BV used interviews and document reviews to gather evidence to demonstrate performance against randomly selected data in the BiTC submission. Random sampling of source data was undertaken to ensure accurate interpretation of figures.


Following the review and tracing of selected data we are satisfied that Provident Financial has provided an accurate reflection of its performance for the 2005 BiTC Submission. The current collection systems represent a continuation and development of the robust processes that were in place in 2004.

David Murray
Casella Stanger

12 October 2005.

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