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What we're doing
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What we're doing
What we're doing
What we're doing
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Health & safety - what we're doing
At Provident we place great importance on the health and safety of our employees and agents.Kerry-Anne
These are some of the improvements we've made in 2003Kerry-Anne
Kerry-Anne Newman, department administrator, Vanquis Bank
'Health and safety weeks' | Health and safety representatives
Personal safety weeks
2003 saw a massive project to take the health and safety message to every employee and agent in the home credit business in the UK and Ireland. A training roadshow for managers in every region enabled them to carry out an interview on personal safety with every single staff member and agent in a series of 'health and safety weeks'. In the interview, they made sure that everyone had received the information available from the company. They also discussed the risks of the job, and offered personal safety videos and alarms. These 'health and safety weeks' will now be held on a regular basis.
Health and safety reps
Every branch, every centre and each floor in head office now has its designated health and safety representative. Since last August, 340 people have undergone training in order to take on this role. Once trained, each representative is recognised as competent to carry out a risk assessment covering general office, fire, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), manual handling, workstation assessments and issues relating to pregnancy.

Representatives carry out monthly inspections and annual assessments. Those based at head office meet twice a year to discuss their findings.
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16,000 safety interviews carried out with staff and agents340 health and safety reps now trained