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Consumer Credit Division


Home credit

Product: Small cash loans with weekly repayments

Operating since: 1880

Customers: 1.1 million

Typical loan: Around £300

Satisfaction rating: 93%

Satsuma Loans


Product: Online instalment loans

Operating since: 2013

Average loan: £260

Maximum loan for new customers: £300

Loan term: 13 or 26 weeks

Vanquis Bank


Credit cards

Products: Visa credit card with lower credit limits

Operating since: 2003

Customers: 1.3 million

Average balance: £800

Satisfaction rating: 88%


Moneybarn logo

Products: Non-standard vehicle finance

Operating since: 1992

Customers: 20,000

Average balance£8,000-£9,000

Loan Term: Generally 4 years