How we work


In 2007, we made significant changes to the way our business works. We sold our motor insurance business and demerged our international business as a separately listed company. This has allowed us to focus fully on the UK and Republic of Ireland and to best serve the 12 million people who comprise the non-standard credit market.

How we work

With around 2.4 million customers, Provident Financial already has the largest non-standard customer base in the UK, with a portfolio of successful and innovative products designed to meet the particular needs of our markets.

We have a comprehensive business infrastructure, with an established network of over 200 branches throughout the country – in addition to call centres and customer-facing websites. Home credit customers are visited weekly by 7,700 agents based in local communities who know each of their customers.

We also maintain frequent contact with our credit card customers through experienced staff at our dedicated UK-based call centre, many with years of experience in serving non-standard customers with credit products.

We have maintained close contact with our customers since 1880, and being specialists in our sector enables us to provide the high degree of simplicity and certainty our customers prefer and expect. As a result, we have enviable levels of customer satisfaction.


We aim to grow our business from this strong position and increase our share in the UK non-standard credit market. We will do this by building on our existing businesses and strengths and by taking full advantage of changes in the market and competitive environment. We will also extend what we do to meet more of the needs of our existing target customer base.

2013 CR Report

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